Bled IDS 24.6.2017 in Slovenia

24.6.2017 IDS in Bled Slovenia.
Tibetan Spaniels under judge Gerhard Pöllinger (AT).

BOB + CAC + CACIB to ”Kossu” Flying Carpet´s Juicy Gossip.
Owned/bred/handled by Kari Kuosmanen (Flying Carpet´s).
Co-owned with Mikko Lindroos (Qi Gong´s).
Placement owner: Raija Hämäläinen (Raigomillin)

BOS + CAC + CACIB to ”Trixie” Flying Carpet´s Sign of Libra.
Bred/handled by: Kari Kuosmanen.
Owner: Jaana Oksanen