Helsinki NDS 4.9.2016

Brother & Sister team made trip to Helsinki NDS 4.9.2016, both 9 months old.
Tibetan Spaniels under breeder judge Cathrin Westin, Sweden.

”Svante” Flying Carpet’s Bang Bang Confetti. BEST MALE 2 resCAC.
Owner/Breeder: Kari Kuosmanen, co-oper. with Mikko Lindroos.
(First picture if of Svante, head shot)

”Duetto” Flying Carpet’s Give Me Confetti. BEST FEMALE 4.
Owner/Breeder: Kari Kuosmanen, co-oper with Mikko Lindroos.
Placement family: Sarla & Juho Koistinen.
(Second picture is of Duetto, standing)