Köyliö NDS 13.8.2016

NDS Köyliö 13.8.2016
Tibetan Spaniels under judge Maija Mäkinen.
*BOB-puppy ”Svante” Flying Carpet´s Bang Bang Confetti.
*BOS-puppy ”Trulli” Qi Gong´s Bewitched.
*Best Female 4 ”Sera” C.I.B Flying Carpet´s Guardian of Sera.
Owned/Bred/Handled/Loved by: Mikko Lindroos & Kari Kuosmanen.

Our team other results:
*Best Female puppie 2 + HP ”Taika” Qi Gong´s Magic Potion. Congratutalions to Taika´s owner Elisa Vahlroos-Moisander!