Warsaw IDS 8.4.2018

Warsaw IDS 8.4.2018.

BOB CAC CACIB —> will confirm to C.I.B* to our ”Svante” FI CH SE CH LT CH EE CH* LV CH* BALT CH* EE JCH LV JCH LT JCH BALT JCH FIJW-16 BALT-17 Flying Carpet’s Bang Bang Confetti.

BOS CAC CACIB to our ”Ruusu” Flying Carpet’s Liquid Liquorice.

Judge was Livija Zizevske.

Both dog are owned/bred/handled by Kari Kuosmanen (Flying Carpet’s) co-oper. with Mikko Lindroos (Qi Gong’s).

”Ruusu’s” placement owner is Katja Turunen.